Sunday, 22 December 2013

I stich!

Knitting and stitching your own clothing is so  much fun, I am a sport person but I do love a good stitch, I even stitch together some of my football teams gear and have done badges for my team and everything.. I know this is probably  a little bit of a girly hobby and some of my team mates do have a go at me about it but I dont care. It is so much fun if you dont know how to knit or wanna know how there are plenty of books and stuff you can buy which can teach you how and who knows maybe you too will be making your own football kits and designs too!

Found new friends playing sport

Since I started playing football locally in Boston I have started to meet so many new people, I decided to meet new people as I got a bit sick of my old friends who just seemed to be the same old bored that they always have been, So i decided I had enough but I really didn't know how I could meet new people but it was as I was reading one my favorite blogs the bcallaccess ones which told me that If I was a student in Boston all i need to really do to meet new people is to play sport, (Here is the link) and man were they right I have met a whole host of new faces who are so much better than my old boring friends... Obviously I still talk to my old friends but my new friends are more sporty and cooler than my old friends... haha. Plus above all I keep healthy as well by playing sports which Is great as my old friends were a bit of nerds and were quite unhealthy and I doubt that they ever did sport or knew what it was at times. I really would say to anyone feeling a bit lonely to go ahead and join a sports club and there are plenty of free ones if you are feeling a bit strapped for cash (and you not alone as everyone is at the moment).

Weirdly I hat watching football and sport... just bored me but playing it I just cannot get enough!