Sunday, 22 December 2013

Found new friends playing sport

Since I started playing football locally in Boston I have started to meet so many new people, I decided to meet new people as I got a bit sick of my old friends who just seemed to be the same old bored that they always have been, So i decided I had enough but I really didn't know how I could meet new people but it was as I was reading one my favorite blogs the bcallaccess ones which told me that If I was a student in Boston all i need to really do to meet new people is to play sport, (Here is the link) and man were they right I have met a whole host of new faces who are so much better than my old boring friends... Obviously I still talk to my old friends but my new friends are more sporty and cooler than my old friends... haha. Plus above all I keep healthy as well by playing sports which Is great as my old friends were a bit of nerds and were quite unhealthy and I doubt that they ever did sport or knew what it was at times. I really would say to anyone feeling a bit lonely to go ahead and join a sports club and there are plenty of free ones if you are feeling a bit strapped for cash (and you not alone as everyone is at the moment).

Weirdly I hat watching football and sport... just bored me but playing it I just cannot get enough!

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